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 Eating Habits Changed, Worried

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PostSubject: Eating Habits Changed, Worried   Eating Habits Changed, Worried Icon_minitimeThu Aug 15, 2013 9:23 pm

Eating Habits Changed, Worried 3473018117  3 days ago, I noticed most of the girls BML was left in the dishes in the morning but the veggies and part of the fruit were gone. The same the next day it was the same with some veggies left and no fruit eaten, Last night it looked like they ate nothing. Called vet to get an appointment, but he won't be in the office until Tuesday. I know I can't wait that long, but I work in a hospital lab and they don't tolerate absence unless you go to the ER. Any ideas or suggestions?

I brought home a new girl last week but she is doing her 30 days solitary in my room, so no worries there. I have been thinking of changing to HPW or Australian Wombaroo diet to give them more variety- could they be tired of their food? Could they smell her or something? I'm not too new at this, but this is just weird. And I'm worried!!

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PostSubject: Re: Eating Habits Changed, Worried   Eating Habits Changed, Worried Icon_minitimeFri Aug 16, 2013 3:45 am

It is not unusual for gliders to go several days without eating much. That is a normal part of their cycle, esp. with females.

If they are eating SOME,then it is not as worrisome as if they are eating nothing at all. If they are just eating a little, that means that they don't want more at the time. Just keep feeding them as normal and you will get a feel for this cycle. Be sure you are not giving too many treats and that you are giving treats in the morning and not in the late afternoon or evening.

Having said that, it is also not unusual for gliders to become disinterested in the BML diet. So, if you find they are eating the fruits and veggies but none of the staple mix, then you might want to consider talking with Bourbon about some changes you can make to make it more palatable to them or switching diet plans.

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Eating Habits Changed, Worried
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