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 Glider Crack Recipe

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PostSubject: Glider Crack Recipe   Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:28 pm

srlb wrote:
Tim is the one who started this glider crack, Shawna is just the one who named it I believe. The recipe was created when I was worried sick about Bear being so thin and frail looking and carrying Dasher. Tim gave this recipe to me and told me at that time not to pass it out to the glider community as it is NOT recommended to feed long term and he was worried some out there would and wind up with very obese gliders.

1/2 avocado
1 can of chicken breast (in water) drain and rinse very well
1 scrambled egg
1 teaspoon HPW (this used to be rep-cal)
Liquid to taste/consistency.

The liquid that is used it either recommended to be water or juice

There are NO nuts included in this, nor any milk (not sure where Gina got that from), nor anything else. And only 1 teaspoon of this should be offered to your glider at a time. Depending on the situation would depend on how often to feed this.

Now I will tell you, I do still give this to my gliders on occasion as a special treat, they love it, and they deserve it!! Besides that, they have me wrapped around their little thumbs!!

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Glider Crack Recipe
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