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 Laser Therapy Treatment

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PostSubject: Laser Therapy Treatment   Laser Therapy Treatment Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 9:35 pm

Not long ago, I took my Java in for another vet visit. Java came to me about 19 months ago with a HUGE open wound. It has healed a lot and well, but we still have a spot about the size of a dime (I know - some would call that HUGE, but compared to how large his was, dime size is very small). Anyway, this one spot just is not healing like I would like and I fear that we have hit a wall. So, I took him in to explore options with the vet.

I was surprised by his newest option provided to me: Laser therapy.
I asked all about it and got some literature on it and was excited about what I heard. So, Java got one laser therapy treatment last Friday. Normally, laser therapy would be conducted many times over the course of many weeks. I had Java have one treatment in hopes that it would "jump start" his healing again. I am considering allowing him to stay with a friend who can take him in many times a week to have the therapy, but wanted to do more research first.

Laser therapy works by passing a class 4 laser over the area of discomfort or the wound. The invisible light infuses the cells with laser energy, causing them to reproduce faster, and thus heal faster. It also reduces pain at the site and dilates the vessels in the area, allowing more blood flow, which reduces swelling.

Benefits of laser therapy are:
* pain is reduced quickly and effectively.
* swelling is decreased
* NO anesthesia is required
* Can be used in combination with other medications and treatments
* No negative side effects
* Improved nerve function ( one that I am REALLY excited about)
* Improved immune functioning
* Decreased healing time

Situations in which it might be useful in gliders:

* wound healing
* Post surgical care
* SM treatment
* arthritis
* Immunocompromised conditions
* Neuromuscular conditions

It was super easy to complete the treatment. I held Java and gave him treats, and Dr. Walsh passed the laser over the wound for a minute or two (not sure on exact length of time). Then, Java went right back in his pouch like nothing had happened. Easy as pie. This was Dr. Walsh's first time performing this on a glider, so we were both anxious to see how it would work out.
Has anyone else had this type of treatment done?

I am very excited about what this may mean for our babies! My mind is swimming with thoughts of all the gliders in my home who could have benefited from this in the past. I have since used it as a method for controlling pain after neuter (in combination with small dose of pain meds) and after a significant surgery (before the glider woke up). I hope that we see this become a useful tool in healing.

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PostSubject: Re: Laser Therapy Treatment   Laser Therapy Treatment Icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 11:03 pm

I'm going in with Neala next week for laser therapy. She has had a wound now for a year. It was from shoulder to shoulder and is now about the size of a nickel but has seemingly stopped progressing. It's not worse, and her cage mates keep it nice and clean without damaging the tissue, but it just won't heal up any further, no matter what I do.

Will let you know how it goes. Laser Therapy Treatment 24870
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Laser Therapy Treatment
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