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 Choosing the best diet for you

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Choosing the best diet for you Empty
PostSubject: Choosing the best diet for you   Choosing the best diet for you Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 6:43 pm

You will often see us say that there is no one BEST diet. However, there is a best diet for YOU and for your situation. After all, it is important that you will follow through with the diet plan, that you believe in it and that it meets your budget and time requirements. Otherwise, you will develop bad habits in feeding.

So, when someone asks me what they should feed, I always start with the following questions. You can consider them for your situation. Once I know the answers to these questions, then I can suggest a diet plan that they will follow through with and will meet their needs. If you are wondering which diet is best for you, you can answer these questions and we can help you in the same way.

Begin by outlining what you believe about diets or want out of a diet.
What things are important to you?
Is it availability of ingredients? Do you want to be able to purchase them all locally? Are you willing to order things online?
Does it matter to you what the qualifications of the diet creator are?
Do you want a diet with a lot of flexibility? Or do you want it all figured out for you so that you have no worries?
Do you like to experiment? Or are you a creature of habit?
How much time do you want to spend on meal preparation each day?
Is it important that you know every ingredient in the diet?
Do you want to go organic? Or are you interested in a processed or pre-packaged diet plan?
What is your budget? Is it flexible or not?
Is meal time something that you will stress over? Or is it a time of fun and exploration for you?
Does it matter to you how long a diet plan has been successfully used? If so, how long is an acceptable amount of time to you?

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Choosing the best diet for you
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