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 What can x-rays tell us?

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What can x-rays tell us? Empty
PostSubject: What can x-rays tell us?   What can x-rays tell us? Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 8:09 pm

X-rays are necessary from time to time to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a plan of treatment. They are not used only when a broken bone is suspected. X-rays have many functions.

These are just the things we can see upon an x-ray that I can think of off the top of my head. A well-trained vet can pick up all of these easily. X-rays show us:

* Broken and fractured bones

* Dislocations

* Arthritis

* location and severity of an impaction

* Foreign bodies

* Bone density (necessary for diagnosing Metabolic Bone Disease /HLP )

* Tumors, cysts, etc

* Areas of stenosis

* Significant tissue swelling

* Lung infiltrates (pneumonia, aspiration)

* Osteomyelitis (infection in bone)

* Location and size of some organs

* Bone growth and shape (is it normal? )

* Tooth root issues or quality

* Excessive gas in abdominal cavity

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to have an x-ray even if you do not suspect a broken bone.

Here are a few x-rays of gliders that have passed through my home.

Significant swelling in cheek (also a trained eye can see some changes in the bone due to osteomyelitis)
What can x-rays tell us? Jackiechanx-ray

Multiple cysts
What can x-rays tell us? Frescasx-ray

Broken spine
What can x-rays tell us? Trinketsx-ray

Healed spinal injury:
What can x-rays tell us? JackieChansx-rayMarch09

Poor bone density and curved long bones:
What can x-rays tell us? Dumplinx-ray2

Multiple broken bones:
What can x-rays tell us? Venusx-rayfromlayingonbackwithmarki

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What can x-rays tell us?
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