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 Island Pet Shop Merritt Island Florida

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PostSubject: Island Pet Shop Merritt Island Florida   Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:21 pm

i'm sure this is in the wrong spot but any way.

so i haven't been around in a couple years, but i had to jump on here and share in case any one runs into any one else from this area of florida looking for gliders.

i recently visited Island Pet Shop for the first time, and i was rather appalled by the lack of care for all of the pets. Birds housed in 10g fish tanks, and crammed in. they had a ton of other pets housed in poor conditions, but what really angered me was the sugar gliders.

he had about 10-12 gliders, of various ages, in terrible terrible conditions. small bird cages that should have been thrown away years ago, they were covered in rust, the gliders food was on the floor, with poop in them. many of them looked sick, and they poor housing. they "beds" where the plastic baby wipe boxes, but most of them did not have closeable doors, and there was no toys, or even fabric to make bedding.

it was terrible. i've seen some poorly cared for gliders in shops before, but this was by far the worst care i have ever seen. i almost stole them all....if i could have.
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Island Pet Shop Merritt Island Florida
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