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 My glider has a bump on his face.... .What do I do?

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My glider has a bump on his face.... .What do I do? Empty
PostSubject: My glider has a bump on his face.... .What do I do?   My glider has a bump on his face.... .What do I do? Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2014 8:43 am

This is a very common problem seen among gliders. I find that, for many owners, it is very stressful and they are often left with only antibiotics after seeing the vet - and no real answers.

So, in an effort to arm owners with information in order to ensure success with the first vet visit - and a cure for their baby, I am going to share my experience.

1) Not all facial swellings are abscesses. Though abscesses are common, please don't assume that what you are seeing is an abscess. Possible causes for facial swelling include abscess, cyst, tooth root abscess, injury, osteomyelitis or tumor.

2) Therefore, a vet visit is ESSENTIAL.
Be sure that you request appropriate testing at the vet. x-rays will determine if it is a tumor or not. They will also confirm or eliminate tooth root abscess and can show osteomyelitis. Therefore, x-rays are a very valuable diagnostic tool when there is swelling on the face.

If the swelling is pus or fluid filled, then it should be excised and the substance removed should be sent to the lab for testing. In the case of an abscess, a culture should be completed to determine the best antibiotic to use.(Please see our abscess threads for further information on treating abscesses) In the case of a tumor, testing will determine if it is benign or malignant.

3) Antibiotics are not the answer for all problems. In the case of a tumor or cyst, antibiotics are not going to do much good. For all other issues, the proper antibiotic is essential for quick and effective treatment.

PLEASE make sure that you go to a VET when you notice swelling on your glider's face. For the reasons outlined above, it is essential that an accurate diagnosis (through testing) be acquired prior to starting treatment.

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My glider has a bump on his face.... .What do I do?
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