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INFORMATION concerning sugar glider health and husbandry matters
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 Terri Stein aka Terri's Petting Zoo

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PostSubject: Terri Stein aka Terri's Petting Zoo   Terri Stein aka Terri's Petting Zoo Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2014 9:25 am

Terri Stein has been breeding and selling gliders for about 9 years. She used to breed rescues and inbred gliders, but I believe she did change those practices after a long time defending them. The problems people have been having lately have more to do with the financial and business side of purchasing gliders. A fairly recent example is that a couple put a deposit down on a joey and the joey died. They decided to get a different glider from Terri and put some more money down. Terri then claimed her husband wouldn't let her ship that glider and so she backed out of the sale and refused to refund the deposit. She does not admit to any wrongdoing and claims she owes them nothing When confronted, she defends herself by insulting people and "yelling" in all caps about how people are not the "glider police" and she has been doing this for 9 years and is not going anywhere.

If you have had experiences with Terri, please feel free to share them here.
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Terri Stein aka Terri's Petting Zoo
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