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 Cross Contamination/Quarantine/Risks

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Cross Contamination/Quarantine/Risks Empty
PostSubject: Cross Contamination/Quarantine/Risks   Cross Contamination/Quarantine/Risks Icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 3:45 pm

We see it posted and talked about often on glider boards - the need to quarantine and to avoid cross contamination in order to protect our suggies.

We talk often of the fact that fecal matter carries parasites and can spread them throughout a house.

But, what we forget to mention to people is that ALL BODY FLUIDS should be treated the same. Yes, parasites are spread through contact with fecal matter, but there are other contagious risks that might be present in the glider body. Urine, feces, blood and saliva should all be treated with equal caution, and steps taken to decontaminate when one comes in contact with any of these fluids.

This is much more important in the case of sick/injured gliders than in new arrivals. We know for a fact that periodontal disease can spread throughout a colony. We know that bacteria can spread through contact with saliva or urine. Those who have experienced a MRSA infection knows how important it is to know where the MRSA is and to take precautions to avoid spreading it.

Please keep this in mind when advising someone with a sick glider and when treating your own.

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Cross Contamination/Quarantine/Risks
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