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 Why I keep snack bowls in the cage

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Why I keep snack bowls in the cage Empty
PostSubject: Why I keep snack bowls in the cage   Why I keep snack bowls in the cage Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 1:42 pm

I keep a "snack bowl" in my gliders cages. I have it for several reasons. Daytime snack (almost never happens). It gives more than one type of food. The bowls are usually hung higher in the cage, so if there's any food aggression, the others can have a snack.

In my snack bowls is trail mix type stuff, dried fruit and some nuts. Sometimes I'll put some mealies in there, or (high quality) dog kibble, or a couple of yoggies. These bowls rarely are emptied, the gliders, after the first day or two of it being there, just don't pig out on it.

Most of us, if not all of us, have forgotten to feed a cage, had an emergency, couldn't get home in time, left the plate on top of the cage rather than putting it in, something. Well, I did it last night, then left for the night. When I came home earlier, I checked gliders, and pulled plates. In the trio's cage, I couldn't find their plate. It was on top of the cage above them :( Luckily, they had their snack bowl! There were a couple of pieces of food still in it this morning, so I know they didn't starve. They had plenty of water. I still feel terrible that they didn't get their fresh food, but am grateful to know they had something in there! Why I keep snack bowls in the cage 553241

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Why I keep snack bowls in the cage Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why I keep snack bowls in the cage   Why I keep snack bowls in the cage Icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 8:00 am

i used to do that as well. being in my 20's, and working restaurants i'm not always home for treat time or to feed dinner ontime all the time.

i don't think mine ever got completely emptied, but there was always food missing. i did dried fruits, nuts, or whole grapes. i found at a local pet store some dry pellets for sugar gliders that i'll use sometimes as well. but they arent very big fans of pellet foods
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Why I keep snack bowls in the cage
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