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 Rules for posting in this section

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PostSubject: Rules for posting in this section   Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:49 pm

Here is the deal, people.
I do rescue work. Not just with sugar gliders, but other animals. I am proud of the work that I do, of the standards that I have set for myself and my work, and of the quality of gliders that I adopt out.

HOWEVER, I realize that there are others out there doing rescue work that do not follow the same procedures, protocols or standards. This does not have to divide us, it just helps to define us. By allowing others to post here, I am NOT condoning their practices. I am not condemning them either. I am just allowing diversity. Maybe we might just learn something from each other. Most importantly, hopefully gliders will find forever homes. THAT is all that this section is about.

I welcome anyone who considers themselves a rescue HOME to post here. Here are my requirements for posting in the rescue section:

1) The rescuer must first enter a profile here in this section. In this profile, you MUST answer these questions/ provide this information at a minimum:
* Tell us a little about yourself and your background as a rescuer
* Define your goals for your rescue home (i.e. put gliders in forever homes, rehabilitate behavioral issues, match potential owners, etc.)
* Who is your primary vet for your rescues?
* What are your requirements for adoption? (i.e. fill out an application, already own gliders, sign a contract, home visit, etc.... whatever your requirements are) and WHY?
* Give us some idea of what a rescue's journey through your home would look like/consist of
* Please list for us at least 3 procedures or standards that you feel are most important in your home.
* Please tell us what your passion or specialty is in terms of sugar gliders - I.e., what are you most excited or experienced in working with?
* How does one get in touch with you to start the adoption process?

I believe that if each person posts this information, then the members of this community can decide for themselves what they wish to support, whom they wish to adopt from and what they feel are the best practices. We each feel we do the very best for gliders - if we didn't we would do things differently.

2) You must provide a full wellness check for each glider listed on this forum. Proof, in the form of a receipt from the vet's office, must be posted here or provided to the new owner upon adoption. That new owner must verify receipt with me. Failure to follow this rule once will result in removal of the privilege of posting in this section.

You may NOT post here if you:
* Charge a fee for adopting rescued gliders. You MAY charge a neuter fee for males that come to you intact, but a vet receipt MUST be provided to the new owner and your fee may not exceed the cost of the neuters.
* Are repeatedly irresponsible in your rescue work. This determination will be made by myself and my associates. Pretty much, I expect rescuers to be able to appropriately handle their work load both time wise and financially, to get wellness checks, to seek VETERINARY CARE for any and all injuries or illnesses, to prevent the mating of any rescues and to carefully screen new homes. These are not unreasonable requirements and I currently do not know of anyone NOT doing these things, so I suspect this will be a very easy requirement to meet.

Now, let's get busy finding forever homes!!!
I reserve the right to create new rules in the future. I hope I do not have to.

If you are not a rescue home, but have taken in gliders that you now need to find homes for, there is a separate section here for those listings. Please use the rehome forum.
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Rules for posting in this section
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