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 Sandman's Sugar Gliders/ Mike Sandridge

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PostSubject: Sandman's Sugar Gliders/ Mike Sandridge   Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:34 pm

It is important that our members - and all who ever wish to make a difference - be able to separate a PERSON from a JOB.

Despite any recent or future claims of total or partial policy or behavior change, SSG, its agents, owner and employees continue to engage in behavior that warrants their listing here in our Big Meaners section.

Sandman's Sugar Gliders is a breeder and even offers to "rescue" gliders. Sandman's and other mill brokers and breeders support the mill breeding trade through purchase and/or breeding of large quantities of gliders for the purpose of selling at trade shows, malls, fairs and the like. They promote and sustain the sale of gliders without lineage to uneducated and uninformed impulse buyers.

The vast majority (for my facility, it is currently 100%, but I don't want to speak for all rescues) of people who purchase from PPP and then later (within months) relinquish their gliders to a rescue home report that they feel they were "tricked" or "duped" into buying the glider(s) at a high price, with numerous unnecessary accessories or add-ons. They report that they were misinformed about the type, quantity and ease of care a glider requires and/or that they feel they were lied to or "tricked" about the bonding process with gliders. They are NOT relinquishing the gliders because they are terrible people or because they can't afford health care. They are relinquishing because they bought on impulse and were NOT properly or truthfully educated or informed at the time of purchase or the weeks following purchase. The impulse buyer is TARGETED by Sandman's simply because the impulse buyer = profit. They are targeted despite any negative consequences for the glider.

Until such time as Sandman's Sugar Gliders and their peers begin placing the LIVES that they barter as of greater importance than the money they make selling them, they will continue to make choices and engage in practices which negatively impact the dignity we have worked so hard to give to gliders and the high standards we have set in order to maintain healthy gliders with a lengthy life span.

Sandman's sells at a flea market every weekend. you can visit them at Traders' Village Flea Market (Booth # 1353) every saturday and sunday. The market is located at 2602 Mayfield Rd. / Grand Prairie, Tx. 75052. For more information about Traders' Village visit their website here: or call them at (972)647-2331.

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PostSubject: Re: Sandman's Sugar Gliders/ Mike Sandridge   Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:31 pm

Since moving back to TX- all the gliders/rescues I've taken in have been from Traders Village. Majority of those are from Sandman since he's the only seller left out there. I have had quite a few personal stops in Sandman's store booth and leave with an upset stomach each time.

Gliders/joeys are kept in a glass case covered & out of site, so one cannot see the size of them or how healthy they are.
He uses a show glider to show just how trainable they are, even goes to the lengths of throwing the glider in the air to show how they'll glide.
Gliders are sold with a 12x18 galvanized wire cage & told pellet food is their main food source.
Incorrect & poor information is given daily with the show glider & the purchase of gliders.
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Sandman's Sugar Gliders/ Mike Sandridge
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