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 Zoey's Illness

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PostSubject: Zoey's Illness   Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:44 pm

On July 17, my 6-7 year old glider Zoey presented with what appeared to be something around her lower front teeth. When at the Vet the next morning they put her under and removed dead skin from her lower gum and tongue, cultured the area and sent Zoey home on antibiotics and metacam. The next week I took her in for a follow up and everything was pink and healthy looking so they opted not to do xrays of her jaw. A couple days later Zoey began breathing heavy, even when resting. I moved her to the incubator and called the college. They said to keep her quiet and call again the next morning.

The next day Zoey was noticeably worse and her eyes were dull, she was basically telling me it was her time, so I left with her to the Vet college where she was examined and they felt at that time that she was failing and was possibly going into congestive heart failure. I had her euthanized, couldn't put her through anything else and putting her under to xray her would have killed her.

Today they called with the preliminary findings of damaged kidneys and an enlarge heart. I should get the final necropsy report in a few weeks.
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Zoey's Illness
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