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PostSubject: Lynn V Price--RUMOR CONTROL--STOP THE RUMOR MILL   Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:16 am

Edit by Admin: Please note that the following screen shots contain curse words normally not allowed here on TSS. Readers are urged to remember that , while these photos capture the reality of these situations as they unfolded (mostly on Facebook), cursing is not allowed within our discussions in this thread.

Lynn V Price--

This is a collection of malicious untruths that Lynn V Price has spread about various people. She prefers to use the phone when spreading these lies, so finding hard proof has been slow at best, but I'm sure you will see here that she has most definitely spread false rumors about people she didn't want to succeed for one reason or another. Unfortunately, this collection is rather small, and it's unlikely that the bulk of her slander will be verifiable since she preferred to speak on the phone about anything that might come back to bite her.

There are a number of suspicions we have about slander/libel we have not been able to confirm, but since there is no proof of these additional suspicions, they have not been included in this collection. I know that my own reputation has taken a hit from Lynn, I have had a number of messages from people saying that I'm not the monster they were told I am, but no one has come forward with proof. I have left out evidence from Stacy intentionally, although I have quotes for her saved I don't feel they are crucial to this post and I would like her not to have to stress about drama while she is trying to pick up the pieces.

The sad thing here is that ALL of this could have been stopped early if those she spoke to had gone directly to the person in question rather than just passing the information along. I will admit I am guilty of this as well. The way she would present these lies would make you feel as though you needed to spread the word but never go back to the slandered/libeled person for confirmation. Please take care when speaking to Lynn and if she tells you anything about someone, please go directly to the person she spoke about to verify any accusations made. If we can all start being honest with each other this cannot all starts with YOU and how you choose to conduct yourself.

If anyone needs to communicate with me (or has anything to add) I can be reached on Facebook here:

Lynn admitting to having Connie close Matthew Compton's memorial fund. The excuse as to why it needed to be closed varies.

Lynn lying about offering to make me an admin in SGI. She says here I wouldn't take it. Other screens in this album show that I asked to be made admin several times and she would not.

The convo between Jen T and Lynn, leading up to Jen's reasons for being distracted

Jen giving her reasons for being stressed outside of Matt's death. Lynn goes on to tell people that Jen thinks everyone blames her for Matt's death, which makes her sound crazy. No such thing was ever expressed from Jen.

Mentions the closure of the memorial fund and Lynn lying about the funeral home agreeing to consider services paid with what was sent, to stop me from questioning the funding. Shortly after this, Matt's sister opened a new fund saying they had nowhere near enough to cover what they needed paid for.

Lynn lying about Jen Tibbett's mental state so I wouldn't listen to her. Jen's explanation in previous screens.

I also ask Lynn to make me an admin, which she later lies about, telling Chris that I never agreed to take the position temporarily.

Lynn saying that she will refund the money on the joey that has already been paid for once she sells him. He was paid in full, Lynn had been sending me messages letting me know he'd be shipping soon, and I was surprised to find out that 3 months later he had not yet been shipped (she considered him "part mine" because I allowed Matt to take my spot on the waiting list from this pair). Unfortunately records of Lynn updating me on this boy are lost because they were in my old phone. He was not sold--he was kept and paired up with a female. No money was ever returned to Stacy. No cubes were ever paid for (so none were made).

Her letting me know that MC Skwerl would ship soon. She acted like he was mine, but I had given my spot on the waiting list for this pairing.

Confirmation that the shipping cube for MC Skwerl was there and he would be shipping soon. Still no idea why she was talking about shipping him this far back and he was still not shipped when Matt passed.

Another (different) story about why Lynn had the memorial fund taken down

Lynn and I talking about me taking SGI temporarily until I can instate a new staff.

Lynn suggesting that I make a side account (against the TOS, it's a trap!!) for SGI so I don't scare anyone away with my ugly drama face. This is the "suggestion" she mentioned that I wouldn't take that would have "made me an admin"

Lynn suggests that if I reopen the Drama group I will be taken to court. It's not a direct threat, but the idea is there. She uses Danielle as backup when Danielle never said anything like this.

Toward the end she tells me she doesn't think Dapple's parents have anything wrong with them. Later she talks Dan out of buying Dapple's niece on the grounds that something could be wrong with her genetically.

We still don't know what Lynn really thinks--genetic or circumstantial? Probably depends on what best suits her needs at the moment.

When I passed on the message from Matt's family that Lynn needs to stay out of their arrangements

The post I had on my wall that she got me banned for 12 hours for. Larger copies of these are available.

The ban notice I got after Lynn had my wall post reported

MC Skwerl is the glider Matt had paid for before he passed. After he passed, Lynn said she would refund Stacy's money once he sold. You can see here that Lynn has kept him and given him a mate, and no money was returned to Stacy.

This pedigree can be found here:

Lynn says to me that she thinks Dapple's parents are fine, and that she feels diet was the issue, and also projects that breeding siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, etc. as safe, but when Dan shows interest in Dapple's niece Lynn talks him out of the sale.

Lynn says to me that she thinks Dapple's parents are fine, and that she feels diet was the issue, and also projects that breeding siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, etc. as safe, but when Dan shows interest in Dapple's niece Lynn talks him out of the sale.

Angie's experience with Lynn

What Lynn had to say about Resa Martin in April '13

Resa Martin's reply to Lynn's messages to me

This seems to be a going theme. We have had several people say that Lynn would pop up often and give out negative info about people, unsolicited.

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PostSubject: Re: Lynn V Price--RUMOR CONTROL--STOP THE RUMOR MILL   Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:15 am

On June 22nd I discovered that I was removed from Sugar Glider Fanatics Facebook Group. When I posted in The Drama [Facebook] Group asking Brittany why (originally thinking it was because of my cover and profile photos at the time) I found out it was about a cage cover that I sent to Lynn P (in March 2014) supposedly killing her gliders. Lynn never sent me proof that it killed her gliders (even when I asked multiple times) and told me "not to worry" about replacing them when I offered multiple times (Until 6-19-14 then came back on 6-23-14 and said she didn't want it, again); As of 6-23-14 the glider was also not marked deceased in the database. Even though I questioned the legitimacy I still paid someone else to send her a cage cover on 6-23-14.
Because I don't want to make this post any longer than it needs to be I have separated the photos into groups. Four are links to screen shot which are at the bottom of this post; The private messages between Lynn and I about the cage covers and some supporting information starts here:

We first discussed trading 8 cage covers for a glider on the phone, this is a continuation:

In this I sent Lynn my sewing pattern for my cage covers:

Here's where I told Lynn I figured up the prices of the cage covers (so we could figure out the trade details):

Here is where I was at the store trying to contact Lynn to discuss exactly which shades she wanted.

Sent Lynn pictures of the fabric -burgandy, tan, brown, and grey.

Told Lynn I finished her cage covers, she knew I had a few things going on and told me to shoot for Monday. On the phone we discussed further and she wanted to wait until we made sure all the issue(s) were cleared up.

In this is an explanation of the issues I was having between the end of Jan and March:

On 3-17-14 I told her I'd send the cage covers out which I sent on 3-18-14:

On 3-22-14 Lynn said I needed to hem the raw edges (on fleece? I didn't press for details) and she was surprised they weren't like the "diagrams" aka patterns.

On 3-25-14 she said they HQ Sturdy Tall's were too short. (I never got measurements from her, I had to find them online); I offered to replace those on the phone but she denied.

Here is where Lynn told me the cage cover "killed" her glider. I apologized profusely and asked for pictures of the problem seam. We transferred to the phone where I offered my condolences again and offered to replace, which she denied.

Here are pictures of a cage cover (but notably not the one that Isis got hung up on). She told me they put them back on inside out. I offered to fix them again. She called again and denied wanting them again.

Months go by, on June 18th I told Lynn I asked to be put on the approved vendors list in SGF. I offered to send her one of my new cage covers (which has a french seam) to replace the one that supposedly killed Isis (I still didn't and don't have any proof) but told her it'd be a month, we switched to the phone where she accepted.

On the morning of the 19th I told her I'd let her know when I could get the fleece for her cage cover.

On this Lynn claims that my bonding bags fall apart, I've only had ONE person ever come to me with a problem of my bonding bags and that was a strap that got caught on something. She shipped it back, I refunded her the shipping, gave her one bonding bag (not made by me) in July 2013 (during a road trip I made) then gave her money for the one from me later because I wasn't sure if I was going to continue sewing (this was 2013).
In July of 2013 Lynn told me that if I came to pick up Sweet Tea she wouldn't ask for money because she'd already sold Sweet Tea once to a home that didn't work out so she was returned...on the way there she called and asked if I would take Lemon Drop too because they are sisters and she didn't want to separate them.
In Nov '13 I paid Lynn $100 deposit for Ledoux, in March of '14 I sent 8 cage covers and paid for shipping Ledoux.
On one thread in Drama someone had asked if my EcoHeart cleaners got rid of fruit flies, I told them I didn't think it would, but it did have something in it that could used as mosquito repellent and clarified specifically it was not DEET or any other chemicals (it's euc oil). She claims she didn't want the replacement when I offered it (but she accepted) and that she had posted them in Safe Sewing for Suggies asking if they were safe.
Lynn then blocked me before I could respond further.

Here is Isis' first "registration" (for lack of a better word) in TPG-notice she's NOT marked as deceased.

Here is Isis' second "registration" (for lack of a better word) in TPG-notice she's NOT marked as deceased here either.

The following screens are what someone who wishes to remain anonymous sent to Beth. In it she implies that my EcoHeart uses a bad mosquito repellent (like DEET), she also says here she asked me to send her another cage cover (which she said above she didn't accept, but on the phone she did accept...) and claims that I was going to send the cage cover that "killed" her glider to another customer! I would NEVER do that! Why would send a dangerous cover! Also I never asked for it back the only thing I asked for was proof (unless it was one of the ones that was too short, in which case I never asked for it back after it "killed" her glider). She claims that she thought the seams would be hidden or seam free when she knew she was getting single layer fleece cage covers and had seen the patterns.

In this one she says these are pictures of the "best one she made me" (these are made bigger below)

A junction.

I didn't and would never leave string, so I'm not sure what this is.

Pictures of a corner.

I would like to add that I purposely did not cut off the extra fleece at the end in order to give the thread a better grip because it was a single layer cage cover.

Here's where the person message me as well...

In this one the vendor says that Lynn should have verified all this and sent it to me and that she knows Lynn's enough to know she would have documented everything (which she didn't).

In this one I informed the vendor (this is also mentioned in the threads below) that even without proof I bought Lynn a new cage cover from another vendor.

Person said as a vendor they'd want proof...

Person saying they only hear from Lynn where there's drama and that she wouldn't sell to her now.

From ANOTHER vendor saying that they'd expect proof

Here is proof that I purchased a cage cover from another vendor for Lynn P (even without proof)

My post on Drama asking Brittany why I was removed:

Here is where Lynn asked me to change my profile picture:

Here's where I asked Lynn in private why I was removed and she called my a hypocrite:

My public post about my cage cover:
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PostSubject: Re: Lynn V Price--RUMOR CONTROL--STOP THE RUMOR MILL   Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:02 pm

The administration of TSS has received these screen shots from email regarding Lynn.  They show that in two separate incidences, Lynn did not deliver goods to Stacy that were paid for.  

Members should be aware that there are curse words in these shots that are not normally allowed here on TSS.  They are allowed because we felt that we should not alter the photos that were sent to us.   Please move forward with this knowledge.

The superheros of TSS - Catherine, Shawna, Brenda, Kylah, Bobbie and Val
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PostSubject: Re: Lynn V Price--RUMOR CONTROL--STOP THE RUMOR MILL   

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