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 Second Time Joeys Lost...

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Munchie Bear

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PostSubject: Second Time Joeys Lost...   Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:15 pm


My female was pregnant with twins at the beginning of the year and lost her one joey around five weeks ip and then the other joey a few days later. I thought that maybe it was due to her being a first time mom? And then she fell pregnant again with a single joey and lost it a day ago, also at just over five weeks ip.

Please can you give me some insight and advice as to why this happened and what could ponentially have gone wrong.

She is housed with two neutered males (one young and one old), and an intact young male who is under a year old. She is about 2.5 years old.

They are all healthy and eating well on one of the approved diets and they all get along famously.

Its bizarre because I fed her mealworms yesterday morning, and by 6pm yesterday evening when she woke up, her tummy was flat and the joey or any traces of it was gone. Then this morning, one of her teats were sticking out a bit....

The joey was growing so nicely and very active and I could see her tummy moving so much at night.......

Your assistance would be much appreciated........   
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PostSubject: Re: Second Time Joeys Lost...   Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:29 am

My best guess is she does not want to be a Mom or there is something going on and the Joey's are not healthy enough to survive. She may not be producing enough milk to support the Joey's. Did you take her into the vet after she lost either of them? Maybe she is getting Mastitis and it hurts her to nurse the Joey's. Maybe the parents are not compatible and the Joey's do not develop right. These are just guesses but if it were my glider I would neuter Dad and just let them be happy s your pets.

What diet do you feed?
How old are they?
Did you run them on the Glider Data Base to see if they are related?
Have you kept the same routine while they are IP?
Have you had fecal and Urinalysis tests done along with a wellness exam?

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Munchie Bear

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PostSubject: Re: Second Time Joeys Lost...   Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:16 am

THank you so much for your reply! In SA we unfortunately don't have lineage for our suggies. THey are definitely unrelated though as the male is from Thailand and she is a local bred glider.

How long after the joey is lost could she possibly still have mastitis?

With her first loss (twins) she was on the HPW Complete and then she has been on the Gliderkids reduced honey for the past few months (all my gliders are thriving on this diet).

She is two years old now, and he is eight months old.

Their routine has stayed exactly the same, except for one or two extra mealworms here and there and the odd bit of extra protein in the form of chicken or egg once or twice per week.

Her last fecals were fine but I did not do a urinalysys test.

She is rather a small glider though..... Her weight is around 70g whereas my other gliders range between 90g - 165g. She has always been very petit and small.... Having said that, I have a friend who also has a very small glider and her girl pops twins with no problem!

Thank you for taking the time to reply....
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PostSubject: Re: Second Time Joeys Lost...   

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Second Time Joeys Lost...
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