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 Ashleigh Umsheid/ Suggies R Us

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PostSubject: Ashleigh Umsheid/ Suggies R Us   Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:33 pm

Members are cautioned when doing business with Ashleigh.  The following have been recently noted:

*  Entered into a trade deal with Nadine Garcia for cage covers as a portion of her payment on some gliders.  After a lengthy time passed and she had not completed them, there was some drama and then Ashleigh sent incomplete covers/fabric to Nadine (not even enough to complete the agreed upon number of covers) and refused to complete the work or to pay the balance owing.  To date, still reportedly owes $280.

For those who are members of LGG, here is a thread outlining the details with the Nadine situation:

*  Has repeatedly re-homed and/or re-paired gliders because they are not sweet enough for her.  She does not have unconditional love for gliders placed in her home.  Please be aware of this when considering selling a glider to her.

*  Has a glider who has reportedly rejected 6 joeys.  So, she wanted the breeder she purchased the glider from to provide some monetary compensation.  When the breeder would not (because, after all, when you purchase a glider for breeding, you assume the risks that come with it), Ashleigh made these statements:

Suggies R Us wrote:
She finally kept a Joey that I might keep to set up another pair. But she's done killing joeys and throwing away money in my home. I can't tell you how many times I'd wished I would come home and she would be dead. I hate her with a passion. When you find a Joey skinned alive! Yes I had to call Tyler and see what to do because they were alive but you could lift the skin up over their head exposing their eyes and skull. How would you feel about a glider that did that. I deleted your number months ago when you blamed my home and my male on these issues and I let her get pregnant one last time to prove to you it was your girl.
Suggies R Us
Her replacement is costing me $1000. If your refusing and won't compensate me anything ill find out the minimum size cage for my USDA and such and she will live alone in the smallest cage possible until I have a let only cage in 5-7 years.

Quote :
Ill call my inspector tomorrow. I've been told she should be able to live in a 1 foot cubical.

Suggies R US wrote:
I haven't touched her in four months.

Quote :
Mine are my pets.  I love them all but her.

That she threatens to neglect a glider and admits to not handling her gliders for months is certainly worth warning our members.

*  She is also actively selling almost exact copies of Tracey's animal cage pieces.  She admittedly purchased from Tracy, purchased the same pattern and then made very similar modifications and is now selling them.

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Ashleigh Umsheid/ Suggies R Us
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