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 Prolapsed inner pouch (mammary glands out)

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PostSubject: Prolapsed inner pouch (mammary glands out)   Fri May 31, 2013 4:09 am

Hi everyone! we have a recurrent issue with our 2 years old female. She is having the 4th set of joeys (1 male, 1 female 2 weeks oop) right now. The point is that during the 2nd and this last pregnancy she has the mammary glands out of pouch, a swelling coming out of pouch with the nipple at the end. Our vet told us it was natural and not to worry, maybe caused by the joey, when is attached to the nipple pulls out the whole mammary gland, so the nipple is exposed out of pouch. It did not happen on the next pregnancy.

Since the joeys came out of pouch, she carried one mamma out. Last night she had two mammas out, while in the second pregnancy she only carried one out. The pictures are related to this period, we have no photos from the last night. The mamma returns back to pouch apparently well. Every night when she comes out from the pouch and leave the joeys in it, she shows the mammas out of her pouch.

She looks very active, jumpy and runs with no problems, she is on LGRS diet and is doing fine and while this period we offer her an extra part of protein (mainly insects). We dont see any signs of illness or infection and she breast feeds the joeys not showing any pain signs. The vet tells us not to worry but this is the second time it happens. It is the first time he sees something similar, so we have doubts about he is right or not. Someone else told us it may be caused by yeast infections like candidiasis. We are trying to calm down about it because we see her every night very healthy and the joeys are growing up very quickly.

Anyone has had the same problem during the lactating oop period? What should we do about it?

Thank you very much for your answers

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PostSubject: Re: Prolapsed inner pouch (mammary glands out)   Fri May 31, 2013 1:33 pm

I have had several sets of Joey's here and I have never even seen the Mothers nipples come out of her pouch. I have only seen here pouch stretched out some. So IMO I feel this is not normal and also IMO I would not be breeding this glider any more. I would rather retire the glider from breeding then to have something happen to her.

She is probably already pregnant but you might consider getting the male neutered.

To me it looks like she is engorged with milk??

You can have you veterinarian do a swab of her pouch and send it out for a culture to see if she is harboring some kind of infection. Do not give any antibiotics until you swab her pouch as they will alter to results of the test.

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Prolapsed inner pouch (mammary glands out)
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