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 Age related cataracts

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PostSubject: Age related cataracts    Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:51 am

Abigail's eye (only one) has slowly been clouding over the past month or month and a half. She has been to the vet several times for her eye and though she is blind in one eye other than being able to see shadows, we have found no underlying cause. No infection and no corneal abrasions. It is slowly forming, white, with no red to indicate infected eye tissue.

She is roughly 12 years old. Have there been any other cases of geriatric cataracts and if so what was the prognosis? Doc said he could possibly do surgery to repair, however, at her age there is no telling how she would react to anesthezia. As long as she gets around fine, should this be a matter of observation? Or does anyone see a major pro in surgery?
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PostSubject: Re: Age related cataracts    Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:22 am

If it were me (and I do have one with this issue), I would not have the surgery. They do just fine with the loss of sight.

Yes, this has been noted in many gliders in the past. There isn't much info on it on the boards, though there is at least one other thread here on TSS about cataracts. I guess that is because most people don't do much more than monitor it. Gliders live for years with cataracts with no other issues.

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Age related cataracts
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