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 Free Wellness Exams at the RRRoundup!!

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PostSubject: Free Wellness Exams at the RRRoundup!!   Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:17 pm


We will be offering free wellness exams on Friday again this year. Vet visits will be scheduled on a first come/ first served basis.

Dr. Walsh will be on hand to provide wellness checks to gliders Friday. Wellness checks will include physical exam, weighing, consultation with a licensed veterinarian and fecal exams (read by the vet). We will be adding urinary analysis if able this year.

EACH glider will be given a wellness check form, filled out and signed by the vet at the end of the examination. The SUGAR group will collect copies of each form for our research.

Visits with the vet will be scheduled on a first come basis, and can only be scheduled once registration is paid in full. Vet visits will occur roughly from 9-1.

If you sign up for a vet visit, you will receive your scheduled appointment time on a card in your registration packet when you arrive at the RRRoundup.


Q: Why are we offering free wellness exams:
A: Two reasons:
1) We believe that it is important to ensure that there are no active infections in gliders that will all be in the same conference room the following day. By doing fecal exams on Friday, we have a great assurance that all of the precious babies we see and love on during the event on Saturday are healthy and that we are not spreading a parasite rampantly through the conference room.
2) The primary purpose for the SUGAR group's existence is Research. We assume that those attending the conference are also interested in research. Therefore, we will take this opportunity to collect data in many different forms throughout the weekend. One such way is through wellness exams. We have asked for the past three years that people take these forms with them to each vet visit, have them filled out and returned to us. Several people do so. Many do not. This is one opportunity for us to get this information on many different gliders at one time.

Q: How do I schedule my free vet visits?
A: Register (on the SUGAR Group's website) and pay your registration in full. While registering, you will indicate that you wish to see the vet and how many gliders you will need to have examined. Once your registration is paid in full, we will schedule you for the visits and you will receive your scheduled visit time in your registration packet. If we run out of time slots, you will be notified prior to the week of the RRRoundup.

Q: What about my privacy?
A: Vet visits will take place in a private room. The SUGAR group has always respected privacy and confidentiality. We have taken an oath to never reveal confidential information. IF your gliders test positive for a parasite, then the only people that will know are you, the vet and one staff member (Val or Jamie). You are not obligated to share any information with anyone at the event (but are required to allow the SUGAR group a copy of your vet form). We will hold the same respect for privacy if any other health issue is indicated by the vet.
We will ask that anyone with gliders that test positive leave your gliders in your room Saturday rather than bring them to the conference venue.
IF medication is needed, we will be able to get it from Dr. Walsh's office by Saturday morning (so your babies will have it ASAP).

EMERGENCY visits (should one be needed) will be given immediate attention by the vets.

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Free Wellness Exams at the RRRoundup!!
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