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Intermountain Pet Hospital

Dr. Sauer

I've seen Dr. Sauer server times for various things with my dogs, cats, and gliders. She is GREAT with all of them. She's always willing to listen to what you have to say, too, and consider your recommendations. The most serious issues she's dealt with from me are cage toxicity and penis prolapse where she had to preform a second surgery on my Samson because the first vet didn't get all of the dead tissue (I would of gone here, but it was an emergency and they couldn't get me in, so I went to Treasure Valley. I like Intermountain MUCH better).

Dr. Sauer has also called me to ask I bring gliders into the vet tech class she teaches at Brown Mackie, so her students can see what a glider looks like in person. She's also called me to ask about local breeders. These things sit well with me!
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