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 Lauren/ Sugar Shock/ Wild N Free/ SugarShock911

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PostSubject: Re: Lauren/ Sugar Shock/ Wild N Free/ SugarShock911   Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:55 pm

I just wanted to add here that recently, I was approached by two caring members of the community that Lauren was going to purchase a male sugar glider from me, or she had stated so. When looked up, it seems the glider is owned by Marsupial Madness and not me. I thought at one time she asked to be my friend on FB, but when I looked this morning, she had removed me.

Lauren has never communicated with me at all, I have never spoken with her. I try to keep myself out of the drama of the community, but keep my toes in just enough to read replies from those who are someone I should caution myself against. With all that has gone on with the girl these past couple of years, I have no desire to send any glider, pet or breeding to her home.

Nobody worry. It wasn't me she was getting a glider from and if she told anyone so, it was a lie. My babies will be safe. Thanks for listening.
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PostSubject: Re: Lauren/ Sugar Shock/ Wild N Free/ SugarShock911   Mon May 12, 2014 12:45 pm

Lauren was caught AGAIN trying to use another alias (Jeremy1975) to participate on GC. She continues to repeat the same behaviors over and over, proving that she does not learn from her mistakes. This is evident in all of her actions when she becomes active online again.

For reference again, her is the colony alert on GC.:

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Lauren/ Sugar Shock/ Wild N Free/ SugarShock911
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