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 Wheat Germ

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PostSubject: Wheat Germ   Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:27 pm

Wheat Germ is one of the ingredients in the BML diet.

Some of the health benefits of wheat germ include:
* High in fiber, so helps clean the digestive system of bacteria and toxins that might otherwise fester
* Wheat germ is high in vitamin E, which is a natural anti-oxidant
* Thiamin helps fur stay strong and natural looking. It also helps skin not dry out.
* nutritionally dense food - packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and protein
Wheat germ is a good source of:

* B vitamins such as folate, niacin, thiamin, and vitamin B6
* Calcium
* Complex carbs
* Fiber
* Iron
* Magnesium
* Manganese
* Omega-3 fatty acids
* Phosphorous
* Potassium
* Protein
* Selenium
* Vitamin E
* Zinc

Wheat germ does tend to go rancid quickly, so be sure to store in a glass container and refrigerate.

places to continue your research:

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Wheat Germ
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