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 What to do in an emergency

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PostSubject: What to do in an emergency   Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:28 pm

The ONLY acceptable course of action when an emergency arises is to GO TO THE VET.
It is not acceptable in an emergency to stop and make a post on a chat forum. Just go to the vet.

Once you realize your emergency situation, secure and stabalize your glider (e-collar or burrito wrap if necessary, etc), then quickly look up the issue here and print out some info for your vet. Also jot down one of the consultation numbers listed in that section. Call the vet and tell them you are coming. Get in the car. On your way to the vet, call someone with experience and get advice for your vet visit.

Ensure that your glider gets all the tests and treatment necessary to properly treat the issue.

Once you are home, return here to The Sweet Spot and post about your issue, what the vet found, the treatment you are utilizing and any questions you have. We all have something to teach each other. Sharing our experiences is one of the ways that we teach and support each other here on TSS.

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What to do in an emergency
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