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PostSubject: SHARING STORIES   Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:56 pm

Members are encouraged to share stories of gliders who have experienced neurological issues so that others can learn from it. Please share with us anecdotal information that is useful for owners or veterinarians, including:

* Symptoms you first noticed
* Tests vet ran to come to this diagnosis
* The treatment prescribed by vet
* Aftercare provided by yourself (include any help you received from community members if you like)
* Recovery information or notes that might be helpful to others
* The results of treatment.

Photos are encouraged IF they help to teach or provide examples.
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PostSubject: Re: SHARING STORIES   Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:39 am


Daiquiri came to me as a rescue who was suffering HLP and severe malnutrition as a result of a tape worm.
The malnutrition lead to neurological issues.
Tests were fecal exams, x-rays and urinalysis. The tape worm was found upon fecal examination.

Daiquiri was treated for the parasite and for the malnutrition following my malnutrition protocol. She was significantly underweight when she came to me, was crabby and nippy, could not use her back legs and had a very significant head tilt and head bobbing. Here he is shortly after coming to me:

During the weeks that followed, Daiquiri regained use of her legs and gained a significant amount of weight (about 30 grams). She is a fantastic eater and always eats everything she is given.

However, the neurological signs persisted. Daiquiri has a very significant head tilt and is quite in-coordinated/clumsy. This picture depicts her head tilt as it is all day:

Daiquiri now has a cage mate (Jackie Chan) whom she loves very much. She dotes over him and lives her life playing with toys, running in a wheel and caring for her cage mate just as any other glider.

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