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 Megan Burndt

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PostSubject: Megan Burndt   Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:08 pm

Vendors beware of this customer.

The above person purchased toys from me and gave me her shipping address through the course of our email conversation. I shipped the package to the address she gave but it did not arrive. Upon me sending back her original email which contained her self written shipping address, she then admitted to mistyping it by mistake and became upset that I could not remake the toys instantly. I agreed to remake them once current orders were completed but she would not settle for that. She then became hostile, starting in our email and progressing to the public SugarGliderAdds FB page where she verbally criticized and cursed me. Against my better judgment, I refunded the product portion of her order but she then went on to give a slanderous review on a public vendor page and verbally bashed me (with untruths to the situation) to another vendor when trying to order from them.

I'd strongly advise against dealing with this young girl.
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Megan Burndt
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