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 HLP/MBD - treatment and cure

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PostSubject: HLP/MBD - treatment and cure   Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:12 am

Many people do not know that Metabolic Bone Disease (what we call HLP) is reversible. It may be a slow process, but it can be completely overcome.

I have treated gliders in various stages of MBD/HLP. Some are in early stages where x-rays show early degeneration. Their behavior may be just clumsy or slow moving. I have also treated gliders who were in advanced stages and unable to move most or all legs appropriately. All of them have improved. So, I say with experience that HLP can be treated and cured.

An accurate diagnosis is key to treatment. MBD can ONLY be diagnosed by a vet and only with proper testing. X-rays are essential. Often, bloodwork is also necessary. The key to treatment is to uncover the CAUSE of the MBD. Is it a bacterial infection? Parasitic infection? Long term malnutrition (which can be seen in large colonies where one or more gliders are not given the chance to eat as often as the others)? There is a REASON that the glider has developed HLP, and it is very unlikely that the reason is that they are eating sufficient amounts of a "bad diet."

Once the cause is determined, then treat the cause. Usually a round of antibiotics or anti-parasitic medications can do wonders for recovery.

At the same time as you are treating the cause of the HLP, you need to be replenishing the body with good nutrients and lots of calcium. It is best for the glider if these things are presented through the mouth rather than through calcium injections. Your vet can prescribe oral liquid calcium (neocalglucon, calcium glubionate, etc) which can be given once per day in addition to a diet that is fortified with additional calcium. This should continue for at least 6 weeks. The glider should be given additional portions of food and the diet should be widely varied and highly nutritious. An abundance of fresh foods high in nutrients and minerals is best.

As your glider improves, you will see a slow return of normal function. The bones and muscles of the legs, hips and spine will sllowly strengthen and the glider will begin to move more normally. It is not unusual for you to see changes in about 5 days, or for improvement to take up to 10 days to show. It may be a slow road, but if you are treating BOTH the cause and the symptoms, improvement will come.

Follow-up x-rays and/or bloodwork in 6 weeks will reveal whether bone density is improved. If not, then continue treatment. If improved, then you know your glider is on the road to recovery and you can back off the oral liquid calcium and continue a life with great, wholesome and nutritious foods.

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HLP/MBD - treatment and cure
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