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PostSubject: Teresa/Dancing/Freda   Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:15 pm

Members are urged to utilize caution when dealing with Teresa (screen name FREDA on this forum). Teresa has been a member of the community for a long time and has a long history of helping rescues and of less-than-scrupulous actions. Members are cautioned especially when Teresa is involved in a fund-raiser, auction, or raffle. The following are a few of the more recent issues that cause this staff to feel a cautionary statement is necessary for the good of our membership:

* Took/accepted a glider from a community member knowing that the Original Breeder (OB) had expressly stated that Teresa could NOT have this glider or any from this family. She did this without making it known to the OB. When the Original Breeder became aware of Teresa's possession of the glider, she asked that the glider be homed with either a chosen rescuer or a chosen member of the community. Teresa refused to give the glider to either of these people, but later re-homed the glider. Again, without notifying the OB. OB was informed of the re-home but told she had no say in it. The glider then passed away in this new home.

* Ran a fund-raising raffle for Mary and Charlie (a well known rescue home). Over $1000 was raised by sales to community members. Two months later, the funds AND the raffle item had not been delivered. Many excuses were offered, but soon after this was all made public, the money and the items did make their way to the intended recipients.

* Donated items to a raffle to help a glider in need (a wood burned box) and to a vet fund drawing (toys). The toys have not arrived at the winner's home after several years. The wood burned box has not arrived at winner's home and it has now been 6 months. In both cases, Teresa has said that things were boxed up, finished, etc. They were never shipped and Teresa has stopped responding to PM's about the matters.

* Last October-ish Teresa came into possession of a box of donated items that was supposed to go to some rescues at Val's house on a railroad. The railroad did not happen, and Teresa said that she would ship the box to Val. In December of 2010, the people that put the box of donated goods together contacted Val to see if the box had made it. Val had not received the box. Teresa promised those that put the box together that she would ship it out that week. As of today, the box has not made its way to Val's house. Val and the people who originally put the box together have stayed in contact throughout this 6 month or so wait.

These are just a few examples. They demonstrate a pattern of withholding items intended for rescue homes, withholding the truth, withholding donations intended to raise funds for gliders in need and withholding a glider.

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PostSubject: Re: Teresa/Dancing/Freda   Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:01 am

Last year Teresa got ahold of TGI about a pet expo that was coming to Kansas City. She was willing to work it for us. We paid for the booth got everything set. Two weeks before the show the box of expo supplies got lost by UPS. so we scrambled to get replacement stuff. We got some stuff enough to set up a booth with. Sent it all to her. About 10am the morning of the show the show's promoter called and was wondering if we were going to be there. Apparently Teresa never showed up. I tried to call and find out what was going on and she wouldn't answer the phone. I finally after 3 hrs called Joe's cell and he answered. He told me that Teresa was not in a good mood and refused to talk to me but that when she got the box the stuff wasn't professional enough for her and refused to set up the booth. I explain that all the good stuff had been lost by UPS and this was the best we could do under the circumstances but it would have been nice if she had called me when she got the box to let me know this. So that I didn't look like an {acorn} tot he show's promoter.
Two days later Teresa called to try and explain herself. Then had the nerve to ask if she could do the show next year when it came around.
I will never let her help TGI again. I don't trust her at all.
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